Pacific Gold Press 2

Seattle, WA-based Pacific Gold plays their own unique brand of re-purposed hymns and spiritual songs. A fresh combination of rock and 60s psych-tinged California pop creates an unexpected bed for lyrics taken almost exclusively from texts written hundreds of years ago.  Mostly-forgotten hymns and Sacred Harp stanzas form the backbone of every song, with occasional re-wording and addition when helpful. Besides the sheer originality of Pacific Gold's music, what sets the band apart from other hymn-rewriters is that no song is written with a congregation in mind but simply seeks a new direction for the poetry contained within the original text. Examples include the catchy but melancholy 70s groove of "Gone to the Grave," a sad but hopeful hymn about a deceased infant, or the psych-pop of "A Day is Coming," whose lyrics about the final day of judgement, when heard in this context, turn out be quite psychedelic indeed.

Their debut album "Sing My Welcome Home" will be released on 3/24/15 by BC Music.