Podcast Episode 10: Sweet Rivers of Redeeming Love

Dan and Torry have a short but good conversation about Track 10 from the album, "Sweet Rivers of Redeeming Love," and play some sweet little clips from the song.  Also, they discuss the "Wild Man of Goose Creek" who originally composed the hymn.  For your ears only.

Here is the episode, if you'd rather not listen on iTunes:


In shadows of the night, faith mounts the upper sky
Behold my heart’s delight, I would rejoice to die,
Rise above my pain, cross death’s cold stormy main
With joy out strip the wind,
And leave this world of sin behind…

Sweet rivers of redeeming love

Through ages still untold, we’ll tune our harps of gold
And let their praises ring to our eternal king
Sweet rivers of redeeming love
Through anguish, pain and smart,
To where love surrounds my heart


Sweet Rivers of Redeeming Love
Lie just before my eye;
Had I the pinions of a dove
I'd to those regions fly!
1'd rise superior to my pain
With joy outstrip the wind;
I'd cross death's cold and stormy main,
And leave the world behind.

2. While I'm in prison here below,
In anguish, pain, and smart,
Ofttimes those troubles I forego,
When love surrounds my heart;
In darkest shadows of the night
Faith mounts the upper sky;
I there behold my heart's delight
And would rejoice to die.

3. O come, my Savior, come away,
And bear me through the sky,
Nor let the chariot wheels delay
Make haste, and brings it nigh;
I hope to see thy glorious face,
And in thy image shine,
To triumph in victorious grace,
And be forever thine.

4. Then will I tune my harp of gold
To my eternal King;
In ages that can ne'er be told,
Will make his praises ring.
All hail, triumphant Son of God,
Who died on Calvary,
And saved me, with His precious blood,
From endless misery!

5. Ten thousand, thousand join in one
To praise th'eternal Three,
Prostrate before thy dazzling throne,
In deep humility;
They rise and tune their harps of gold;
And sweet th'immortal lyre,
In ages that can ne'er be told,
Shall raise thy praises higher.