Podcast Episode #8: Once I Had a Glorious View

Dan has been waiting for an excuse to record a conversation with his dear friend Matt MacDonald, singer of The Classic Crime and Vocal Few. They've been friends for 9 years, and it shows. Matt joins Dan for TWO episodes, count 'em, two: first, they chat about Track 8 from our album, "Once I Had a Glorious View," and then, they just chat, and keep chatting. Unlike our episode with Zach Bolen, there is no repeated content between the two episodes.  If you enjoy the first, then keep listening as Dan and Matt tell tour stories, give each other compliments, and "fake laugh until they real laugh."

Here are the two episodes, if you don't want to listen on iTunes:

So that you can get to know Matt a little better, here are some videos for The Classic Crime and Vocal Few...

If you listen close, you can actually hear the boys of Pacific Gold singing background vocals near the end of this Vocal Few song...

OUR LYRICS (which are the same as the original, with only some re-phrasing to modern English):

Oh, once I had a glorious view of my redeeming Lord
He said, “I’ll be a God to you,” and I believed his word
But now I have a deeper stroke than all my groanings are
My God has me of late forsook
He’s gone, I know now where…

Oh what immortal joys I felt on that celestial day
When my hard heart began to melt,
By love dissolved away
But my complaint is bitter now, for all my joys are gone
I’ve strayed, I’m left, I know not how,
The light’s from me withdrawn

Once I could joy the saints to meet,
To me they were most dear
I then could stoop to wash their feet
And shed a joyful tear
But now I meet them as the rest,
And with with joyless stay

I once could mourn o’er dying men, and long their souls to win
I worked for their poor children, and warned them of their sin
But now my heart’s so careless grown,
Although they’re drowned in vice
Over them I’ve ceased to yearn
My tears have left my eyes

I forward go in duty’s way, but can’t perceive Him there
Then backwards on the road I stray,
But cannot find Him there
On the left among the lost, among the wicked crew
And on the right, I find Him not,
Among the favored few

What shall I do, shall I lie down
And sink in deep despair?
Will He forever wear a frown, nor hear my feeble prayer?
No, He will put his strength in me,
He knows the way I’ve strolled.
And when I’m tried sufficiently, I shall come forth as gold.