New Album, New Label, Free EP


It has been a long process, but we are proud to say that the light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter.  We are excited to officially announce that we have signed with a great new record label, BC Music (started by Matt & Toby of Emery fame), and that our new full-length debut album “Sing My Welcome Home” will be released in March of this year!  So much time and effort have gone into this album, and we’re so pumped to have these very smart, very hardworking guys (as well as their partners and employees) on our side as we set up the release of this album together.  We have a lot of great plans for this thing, including multiple videos, a podcast, and more, but we’ll get to all that stuff later this month and next. 

For now, as a celebratory gesture of our new partnership with BC Music, we are giving away a free digital download of our most recent release “Pacific Gold” over at our Bandcamp page.  Please grab it, tell a friend, enjoy, etc:

If you haven’t read any of our updates for a while, you might remember us as the band formerly known as Wayfarer – back in late 2013 we changed our name to Pacific Gold for legal reasons, but we are the same band otherwise.  We’ve been active on Facebook and Twitter as we ramp up to release this album, and as we continue to pour beautiful sounds and sights into your ears and eyes, whether you like it or not.  Thank you for your support, enjoy the tunes, and we hope you’re as excited about the new album as we are!

With Love,

Brian, Dan, David, John & Torry