Studio Update & Preview

Hi friends,

Well, we’re hard at work in the studio and making incredible progress! Drums are completely finished, which is a HUGE portion of the tracking process, bass is about halfway finished, and the rest is getting close. For those who haven’t heard yet, we’ve had to move our expected release date to the end of Summer. While we're anxious to share these new songs with you much sooner, the past few months have been quite crazy for the Pacific Gold family. Collectively, we have new homes, new jobs, graduate school, travels, touring, and other musical projects…well, we’re busy.

One of the excellent things that has come out of having to delay the release is gaining the extra time to make a few additional decisions about what the record will look like—we’ve added a few new tracks that originally wouldn’t have been on the record, and we’ve been able to work around with some arrangements that we think are pretty killer.

You all have been extremely supportive and kind, and we’re absolutely ecstatic for you to hear these songs. Please get in touch with us on our Contact page if you have any questions, or just want to say hi!

Below you’ll find a preview clip of one of the new tracks. 


Brian, Dan, David, John, and Torry.