We do something slightly different than most bands

     Formerly known as Wayfarer, we're a band from Seattle, WA, that plays "Repurposed Hymns & Spiritual Songs." We begin with lyric sets from old and sometimes forgotten hymns and write entirely new music to them, including melodies, chords, and arrangements.  Musically, our influences range from modern indie rock to classic sixties pop and psychedelia.  We strive to make beautiful and compelling albums for their own sake, our aim being to exemplify the poetry and truth of the lyrics we repurpose. 

     We’re excited to release our debut LP, Sing My Welcome Home, in stores & online on March 24th through BC Music.


Who we are

Torry Anderson

Vocals & Keys

Torry grew up in Seattle, playing music and singing since the age of 4. He studied jazz vocals through high school and college, playing in various bands over the years. Opportunities to travel as a result of his musical endeavors have brought him across the U.S. as well as overseas. Torry currently plays with singer-songwriter, Kris Orlowski, and works with a number of other artists in the Pacific Northwest. He loves a good beer, a great run, and perusing more film blogs than is appropriate for a well adjusted adult member of society. 

Brian Hibbard

Vocals & Lead Guitar

(Photo Credit: Alicia Palaniuk | Society of These)

(Photo Credit: Alicia Palaniuk | Society of These)

Brian is originally a pianist who picked up the guitar during the ripe years of middle school when he realized his dreams of playing professional baseball may not come to fruition. He immediately started wearing skinny jeans and growing his bangs out. Hailing from Seattle, Brian now lives in the San Juan Islands where he works as a bartender. He can also be found fishing, polishing his chess skills, and listening to dream pop on repeat.

Dan Koch

Lead Vocals & Guitar

(Photo Credit: James Moes Photography)

(Photo Credit: James Moes Photography)

Dan started playing music seriously after the 8th grade, when, after two uninspiring years on his school's fledgling basketball B-team, he realized he could probably spend his free time more productively.  After college, he toured extensively and released 3 albums with rock band Sherwood. Born and raised in Northern California, Dan settled in Seattle with his wife, Jaffrey, where he works as a composer and producer. He loves film, a good restaurant, and The Beach Boys. 

John Raines


(Photo Credit: James Moes Photography)

(Photo Credit: James Moes Photography)

John has been creating art since a young age. He began with drawing and painting, and this later led to music, photography, film, and design. John married his love, Kristan, shortly after college and they moved to Seattle from where they were raised in California. He is currently employed as a filmmaker, and in addition to the love he has for his wife and art, John also enjoys reading and reflecting about various works of philosophy and theology.

David Stuart


(Photo Credit: Brandon Hill Photography)

(Photo Credit: Brandon Hill Photography)

David was born and bred just outside Philadelphia, PA. He arrived in Seattle over five years ago to attend college, fell in love with a local, and remains in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Studying percussion and jazz from a young age, David grew to be a multi-instrumentalist playing in various groups back east and here in Seattle. He enjoys a bike ride around the Sound, a cheesesteak from Pat’s back in Philly, and is a bit too obsessed with the film ’That Thing You Do.'